Public Hub List 2017

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Public Hub List 2017

Post  Administrator on Sat Apr 30, 2011 3:56 am

DC++ Public Hub Lists 2017

   Here is a list of popular hub lists used today: --- ( Hubs: 550) - for DC++ clients older than 0.4033 --- ( Hubs: 507) - for DC++ clients older than 0.4033 --- ( Hubs: 506) - for DC++ clients older than 0.4033 --- ( Hubs: 416) - for DC++ clients older than 0.4033 --- ( Hubs: 216) --- ( Hubs: 36) FlexHubs

Not Up To Date Public Hub Lists:

This Public Hub Lists are Offline, not up to date or not very good! Some hubs are offline and still in Hub Lists or Hub Lists doesn`t show informations (Users Online etc.) They could be still Online!

Public Hub List Updated: 08.06.2017

A public hub list is, as the name suggests, a list of publicly available hubs. Most of the time these lists work and can be accessed by clicking on the Public Hubs icon. You can switch between the lists by using the dropdown list in the public hubs window.

The window should fill with hub information like this:

Do you agree that the best web page for DC++ Hub List was and will be they really know how web page should be done! They were true professionals !!!

All new hub list don`t have so many options etc. that have it. When I added my hub it was there for ever, if I change something was saved, but on a lot of new hub lists doesn`t. Next time when Pinger join everything is changed. What is this hublist? Hubs are on servers anywhere and hubsoft take IP location and now hub location is wrong !! That`s why was and always will be the best! Is really again really sad that`s down...


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